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Gift of Ruqyah for patients in Bangladesh

This is an appeal to you as someone who has benefitted from services provided by the Ruqyah Centre, you will appreciate how valuable correct advice and treatment is for those affected by jinn, sihr, evil eye and related psychological ailments.

Alhamdulillah, due to the need of Muslims across Bangladesh we established a centre in 2017 in Sylhet to help those suffering. We receive patients on a regular basis who are so poor that they cannot afford food and clothing, let alone be able to contribute anything towards their treatment.

However, in places like Bangladesh, practitioners and treatment centres that strictly employ authentic means using Quran recitation and treatments derived from the sunnah are almost non existent.

We however do not turn away anyone seeking our help, that could end up going to those who people who may abuse them even further or misguide them towards more black magic, taweez and shirk. Furthermore some so-called ‘spiritual healers’ continue to take money from vulnerable people when the may have medical problems rather than sihr or jinn related.

So please join us in helping change lives in one of the poorest countries in the world. DONATE TODAY

Narrated by Abdullah ibn Umar 

“The most beloved of the people to Allah are the most beneficial for the people. The most beloved of actions to Allah (‘azza wa jal) are to cause happiness to reach a Muslim, to relieve him from a hardship, to settle a debt for a Muslim or to repel hunger from him. For me to walk with a brother in order to assist him is more beloved to me than to make ‘Itikaf in this Masjid (Masjid al-Madeenah) for a month.”    At-Tabaraani

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Manik Pir Road, Syhlet (Opposite Manik Pir Mazar Gate) 

Ruqyah Centre Bangladesh was established in 2017 with the intention of serving the needs of the Muslim Ummah. Our aim is to advise, counsel and provide the prophetic treatment known as “ruqyah”.

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