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Islamic counselling is centred with the understanding that people matter; as such it is deeply spiritual and therefore personal. we know how important it is for Muslims to have an Islamic perspective in counselling hence why we offer a holistic approach to support your wellbeing, which includes looking at ones faith, culture as well as social and family dynamics.

There are many different models of counselling, our counsellors are experienced individuals who adopt an integrative approach where we work according to your needs and evaluate and suggest what therapy may be most effective to help you. Insha’Allah we can help with a variety counselling related  issues, including:

  1. Marriage and Relationship Issues (including difficult relationship with inlaws) 
  2. Domestic Abuse 
  3. Depression and Anxiety (Generalized Anxiety, Health Anxiety, Social Anxiety) 
  4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD 
  5. General dissatisfaction with life
  6. How counselling helps
  7. Counselling offers you a safe, confidential and non-judgemental setting to discuss issues that you may find distressing, confusing or painful.

The aim of counselling is to support people to work towards specific and mutually agreed goals to improve your emotional wellbeing and relationships. Regular sessions will help you work consistently and progressively on your challenges. The help that you get is professional and confidential and according to UK law.

Ruqyah Centre was established in 2007 with the intention of serving the needs of the Muslim community. Our aim is to advise, counsel and provide the prophetic treatment known as “ruqyah”.

All policies are available upon request.

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