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Monday 10am – 8pm

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Ruqyah in Islam is the recitation of Qur’an, seeking of refuge, remembrance and supplication – used as a means of treating sicknesses and other ailments

“We send down the Qur’an as healing and mercy to those who believe”

Qur’an 17:82

Free Advice Line

020 3877 0009

11am – 4pm | Monday – Thursday 

Booking Enquires

07535 044 757

Please text/call to check before visiting in person

Experienced Practitioners

Health and faith are your most important assets. You should entrust them only to the most experienced practitioners.

Personalised Sessions

Each session is dictated by your unique symptoms and concerns - with the goal of making you take ownership and become independent.

Quality and Safety

All team members have expertise in their field; DBS checked and trained in basic first aid.

Treatment Guidelines

Our treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with our staff on hand to advise you along the way.

Welcome To Ruqyah Centre


Jinn Possession
Evil Eye & Jealousy
Mental Illness
Self Treatment
  • I would highly recommend the Ruqyah centre in Cannon Street.
    The brothers/staffs are so friendly and helpful.
    I’ve been there a few times and Alhamduililah every time I go there I get great service.
    Brother Abdul is also great he done Ruqyah on me and Alhamduililah I felt much better.
    The centre feel more welcoming now.

    Nehar Shopna

    I was very pleased with my experience here at Ruqyah Centre. They were very knowledgeable and professional and did not rush my appointment. They took time in asking questions and giving explanation. Masha’Allah they are great.

    Sam Jagne

    I received exceptional service from the moment I picked up the phone to visiting the centre.

    Staff demonstrated a deep understanding of religious and cultural issues in order to diagnose and provide a tailored treatment plan. The products provided with the treatment plan are of a high quality.

    The after care support provided was heart warming and much appreciated.

    A professional discreet service, delivered with a smile.

    Sharif Ahmed

    A nice centre and trying to set themselves a high standard.

    Prices are reasonable compared to extortionate fees some private raaqis I know that charge for home visits!

    Can recommend for both ruqyah and hijamah!

    Azzam Khan
  • Very professional and friendly service. The brothers are very helpful and provide advice in accordance to the Qur'an and Sunnah. The centre itself is very clean and well furnished, and adds to the sense of relaxation.

    May Allaah preserve them and their families, and grant them further knowledge and understanding. Ameen.

    Tajul Islam

    JazakAllah Kair to all the brothers at this centre I came with a sceptical family member who was suffering with evil eye, we was treated professionally and with care. She was diagnosed and given a treatment plan. This gave my family that confidence they needed. Their experience and knowledge was apparent.

    AQ S

    The brother who did the cupping for my husband was really knowledgeable and friendly, Masha'Allah tabarak'Allah, would recommend and will book again, plus the products they sell are of good quality and beneficial with recovery

    Shelly X

    I had a very pleasant experience, the brother explained so many things in the best way which was really easy to understand. I would highly recommend this place for anyone who is need of Riqyah InshaAllah.

    Jamz Ali
  • The therapist was highly professional and knowledgable about the subject matter and was able to put us at ease. After the spiritual therapy session he provided us with lots practical and spiritual advice and guidance on how to continue with the treatment plan to manage and overcome the problem at home. He also provided with blessed water and oils and natural remedies to apply for maximum affect. Will be in touch again should a follow up session be required.

    Tower Hamlets

    Excellent service and great explanation. Me and my family are satisfied. I would recommend.

    Joynal Uddin

    A place where excellence is echoed with respect to spiritual treatment, purely based on Quran and Sunnah. The staff at the centre are extremely kindly and polite, I recommend brothers and sisters to give them a try.

    Urban Drive

    My family has been extremely well advised and supported by Ruqyah centre. Please pray for my family and children. Thank you so much.

    Afroza Sultana
  • Great professional service. With very experienced staff. Thank you


    I receiving excellent service at this moment.Their booking system is very simple. The brothers at the reception are very polite and professional.there service work.they are really friendly.iam doing ruqyah at this moment they are really professional and it is helping me a lot.jazak Allah....

    Jannat Rahman

    Fantastic team and very friendly and accommodating. Came with my small family and they were nothing short of brilliant. Highly recommended

    Chico Dhillon

    I don't usually give reviews but I must say Ruqyah Centre deserves a review. I received excellent service from the moment I visited the centre. Their booking system is very simple. The brothers at the reception are very polite and professional. Very impressed with the way the Raqi performed our Ruqyah. Our session was very informative. Feel much better now Alhamdulillah. Overall we are more than satisfied. May Allah bless you brothers.

    Hussain Jama
  • Highly recommended. No need to book if you don’t need to. I can contact for free and genuine advice. Thanks for your time and help.

    Amar Desh

    Very professional. Courteous. Plus as a woman they do not see you on your own, a safe environment for people who have been afflicted with sihr or evil eye. would highly recommend

    Hanna Karim

    Alhamdulliah excellent service. Would highly recommend to all.

    Abdus Samad

    Great service and advice from the brothers. Just timing was a little late. I had waited an hour to be seen although It was pre-book. Overall great price. Great service. Great advice. May Allah bless you for your efforts and help ameen

    Shahela Ullah