Opening Hours

103, Railway Arches, Cannon Street Road, E1 2LY

Monday 10am – 5pm

Tuesday10am – 5pm

Wednesday10am – 5pm

Thursday10am – 5pm

Friday – –

Saturday10am – 5pm

Sunday (Female Hijamah Only)10am-4pm 


Ruqyah in Islam is the recitation of Qur’an, seeking of refuge, remembrance and supplication – used as a means of treating sicknesses and other ailments

“We send down the Qur’an as healing and mercy to those who believe”

Qur’an 17:82

Ruqyah Helpline

020 3877 0009

11am – 4pm | Monday – Thursday 

Booking Enquires

07535 044 757

Please text/call to check before visiting in person

Experienced Practitioners

Health and faith are your most important assets. You should entrust them only to the most experienced practitioners.

Personalised Sessions

Each session is dictated by your unique symptoms and concerns - with the goal of making you take ownership and become independent.

Quality and Safety

All team members have expertise in their field; DBS checked and trained in basic first aid.

Treatment Guidelines

Our treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with our staff on hand to advise you along the way.

Welcome to Ruqyah Centre


  • I am most grateful to Allah for having guided me to seek treatment from this centre which most welcoming, somewhat modest yet very comfortable, with required facilities and the friendliest staff at reception.

    N Gokool

    MashaAllah really enjoyed my Hijama session. Tanim was very professional and helpful. Great service by Azom bai too.

    Highly recommend!

    Mujibur Rahman

    The brothers at this place were very helpful despite my family not having an appointment on the day. They helped us massively with surahs and guided us so that we can become better practicing muslims. I recommend this place for anyone looking for advice and support. May allah bless the brothers who helped us and supported my family and this centre. Jazakallah.

    Henna Sue

    Excellent service, trustworthy, great for Hijamah.
    Follow Quran and Sunnah.

    Muradur Rahman
  • I don't usually give reviews but I must say Ruqyah Centre deserves a review. I received excellent service from the moment I visited the centre. Their booking system is very simple. The brothers at the reception are very polite and professional. Very impressed with the way the Raqi performed our Ruqyah. Our session was very informative. Feel much better now Alhamdulillah. Overall we are more than satisfied. May Allah bless you brothers.

    H Jama

    Honest, trustworthy ruqyah in London. Treatment plan and guidance is professional. Definitely recommended for anyone going thru sihr

    R Ahmed

    May Allah put more Baraqah in this centre.
    They have helped me and my family so much. Their service is purely for sake of Allah and have great service from moment you walk in until you leave. We shall continue to recommend you.

    L Hutchinson

    I received exceptional service from the moment I picked up the phone to visiting the centre.

    Staff demonstrated a deep understanding of religious and cultural issues in order to diagnose and provide a tailored treatment plan. The products provided with the treatment plan are of a high quality.

    The after care support provided was heart warming and much appreciated.

    A professional discreet service, delivered with a smile.

    S Ahmed
  • The Ruqyah Centre was recommended to me by a friend at a time I needed it the most. They offer a service that is invaluable in helping people that are going through difficulties in life.

    The brothers at the centre are highly knowledgeable and experienced in Quran and Sunnah practices. The sister who performs Ruqyah Hijama is also very experienced and friendly.

    May Allah (swt) bless them in their work and help educate people like us who are in need of spiritual guidance and support.

    M Aktor

    I was pleasantly surprised and very appreciative of the quality of service and professionalism the Ruqyah Centre offered. I received thorough treatment, diagnosis and follow-up according to Qur'an and sunnah alhamdulillah. There was nothing that was uncomfortable, unusual or any sense of mystification. I was given a detailed explanation of every stage of what would happen and there were no unexpected aspects to the whole procedure.

    F Begum

    I and numerous members of my family and extended family have used the Ruqyah centre in shadwell.
    I personally have used the centre for Hijama twice and will continue in the future.
    The staff are professional and caring and the online booking system was excellent.
    The feedback from the extended family that used there Ruqyah services Which I recommended was good, they came from Southampton.
    May Allah reward them for the needy services they provide.

    Syed Abu Khalid Majid

    I receiving excellent service at this moment.Their booking system is very simple. The brothers at the reception are very polite and professional.there service work.they are really friendly.iam doing ruqyah at this moment they are really professional and it is helping me a lot.jazak Allah....

    J Rahman